Photographer // Novelist // Autodidact


© Kent Sievers 2021 All rights reserved.

  It is the dead of winter. In Omaha, Nebraska’s north downtown, homeless men are disappearing. Alex Capstain sees it when no one else does because he lives among them. For nearly two years he’s called a doghouse home.

  After losing everything to a failing economy, the 51-yr.-old ex-cabinetmaker is working his way off the street one recycled can and odd job at a time.

  Days away from taking the first big steps toward his dream of indoor living and a reunion with a daughter, he’s beaten, robbed and left for dead. The driver of a church van comes to his rescue. Alex has no way of knowing the ride will put him on a collision course with a monster and the decades-old web of murder, corruption and greed that set him loose on the world.